Elizabeth Hurley Kisses A Banker At Elton John Foundation After He Makes 50,000 British Pounds Donation

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Liz Hurley and Shane Warne/Reuters
Liz Hurley and Shane Warne/Reuters

Julian Bharti, a banker by profession reportedly spent whopping 50,000 British pounds just to get kissed by Elizabeth Hurley. Bharti shelled out the outrageous amount of money to make a donation to Elton John AIDS Foundation in an auction. The auction was held at the Woodside End of Summer party and Hurely was reportedly so appreciative of Bharti's generous donation that she gave him a passionate kiss, according to reports by E!

Hurley looked stunning a cream mini dress and gold strappy sandals by Paul Andrew where as Bharti was seen in a chequered blue coat and a pair of cream of trousers.

The private bash was a way to end the summer party and also to raise fund for the trust.

Meanwhile, Hurley would be seen in a TV Show "The Royals". The actress would be seen playing Queen Helena on the show which is loosely based on the royal family in London.

"This is an extreme, sexy adventure into royalty. There's little resemblance to Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of England. But you never know. The beauty of this show is that we go behind closed doors", Hurley said in Today's show as qouted by Express.

 The show also stars Dynasty's legend Joan Collins. The storyline would highlight the love story of the Prince's younger brother with an American girlfriend. However, the Queen does not like the girl.

"You need to want to see drama and heightened stuff and a lot of glamour", Hurley further added. "If that's your bag, you might get lucky".

The show is created by Mark Scwahn. The cast of the show includes William Moseley, Alexandra Park and Vincent Regan.

The first trailer of the show was released. In the racy and scandalous trailer Hurley's character is shown saying my daughter's vagina is on the four newspapers and my son is dating an employee. She also mentions that they are a royal family if anyone has forgotten about their status.

The show airs on E!

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