Elixir Of Life: New SIRT1 Pill To Extend Human Life And Fight Aging

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A new pill that can possibly allow humans to live longer is a step closer to reality. Scientists reported the pill can be taken as a supplement to the normal diet and help fight aging. The new pill can extend human life and rejuvenate the body.

As people age over the years, the body becomes more susceptible to disease and less capable of healing itself. As science and technology works together to delay the onset of aging, advancements in knowledge has made it possible to attempt the discovery of a "fountain of youth" or "elixir of life" drug.

Scientists at the National Institutes of Health in the U.S. have found a promising way to fight the aging process. Researchers discovered triggering a specific protein not only extends human life, it can also delay the age-related conditions like diabetes and heart disease. The specific protein has also been found to improve one's overall health as it can reduce inflammation and cholesterol levels.

Scientists call the specific protein as SIRT1. According to the researchers, drugs known to increase the activity in the body have been found to delay aging and other types of diseases in various studies using animal models.

Lead Scientist Dr. Rafael de Cabo revealed developing a synthetic SIRT1 activator can extend lifespan and delay age-related diseases when taken with a normal diet. Dr. de Cabo said the team is hoping they can apply their findings to humans as well.

He added it will be the ultimate goal of the team to extend lifespan with the "elixir of life" pill to postpone age-related illnesses. He noted delaying diabetes or Alzheimer's disease for another 10 or 15 years can greatly improve the human population.

The findings of the benefits of activating SIRT1 were published in the online journal Cell Reports. The scientists used mice as test specimens. The mice that were given the synthetic drug had extended lifespan of 8.8 percent on the average.

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