'Elementary' Season Two Episode One Recap: Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson Take Back London

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Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu reprise their roles as Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson for CBS' original series, "Elementary." In the first episode of season two, Sherlock and Watson take back London along with a few surprises on the way. From Mycroft to Lestrade's appearance, the first episode of season two promises an interesting turn of events.

Quite a few fans of Arthur Conan Doyle's masterpiece, "Sherlock Holmes," was shocked to see Robert Doherty take it into a different way. In the American version of Sherlock Homes, Robert Doherty creates an intriguing version of Holmes being a recovering drug addict covered in tattoos and a female Watson.

"If you're getting into the Sherlock Holmes business and you're afraid of comparisons or skepticism, you're in the wrong business," said Doherty, adding, "The fun of it for me was taking everything we knew to be his history and his setting and his partnership, and shifting it by a matter of degrees."

This different take on Holmes certainly received a lot of views which led to a brand new season of "Elementary." In the latest season, Watson and Holmes leave the comforts of New York and take back London. Hitting back Scotland Yard, Sherlock Holmes helps out an old friend, Lestrade and along for the tumultuous ride is Holmes' estranged brother, Mycroft.

The story again has its twists and turns with Holmes and Watson making a bet on whether or not Mycroft would fall for Watson. Mycroft's presence will certainly add "excitement and interest" in the film as promised by Lucy Liu.

As for fans hoping for a romance between Sherlock and Watson this second season, Doherty says they'll be much disappointed.

"There are always some people who pine for it, and I get that, because we happen to have a spectacularly beautiful Sherlock and a spectacularly beautiful Joan. I just have no interest in that kind of relationship. The original Holmes and Watson, to the best of my recollection, never slept together; ours don't have to either," stated Doherty.

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