'Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim': 27 Dragon Shouts to Become a Master Dragonborn

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"Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" begins in the Skyrim Province 200 years after the Oblivion Crisis. Players will role play a character which is later revealed to be a dragonborn who possess abilities of obtaining dragon souls and use dragon shouts in combat. Master the ways of being a dragonborn by using legendary dragon shouts.

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Dragon Shouts

Dragon shouts, aka dragon language, consist of three separate words. If a dragonborn learns the shouts, he can use it in combat to pacify enemies, travel distances with great speed or even breathe fire and ice against targets. Like magic, dragon shouts are not subject to skills or stats restriction within the game but requires specific conditions, triggers and cooldown time to use.

Dragonborn Shouts

These shouts are made available by the Dragonborn add-on and mostly found throughout Solstheim while the rest are gained throughout the main quest line.

1.      Battle Fury Enchant weapons of nearby allies which allow them to attack faster. Its cooldown range is 20 up to 40 seconds. You can access the three words in Vahlok's Tomb.

2.      Bend Will Bend the will of targets such as people, animals and even dragons, to your own. Cooldown may be as long as 120 seconds and as short as 10 seconds only. You can find one word at Saering's Watch and the other two taught by Hermaeus Mora from two separate quests.

3.      Cyclone Create whirlwind that sows chaos among enemies. Cooldown time depends on how many words you know which ranges from 60, 45 to 30 seconds. Cyclone shout can be found at White Ridge Sanctum, Benkongerike and Kolbjorn Barrow.

4.      Dragon Aspect Once per day, the dragonborn can use this shout to become a mighty dragon to deliver colossal blows, protected by armoured hide and even greater shouts. Cooldown between usage is only 5 seconds but requires 24 hours to be used again. You can find the words at Raven Rock Mine, Temple of Miraak and Apocrypha.

Available Dragon Shouts

Some dragon shouts are only achieved by visiting ruins, old temples or dungeons or will be taught by masters or via quest.

1.      Animal Allegiance: Shout for help from beasts to defend you during combat. Locations: Ancient's Ascent, Angarvunde and Ysgramor's Tomb

2.      Aura Whisper: Reveal life forces of any kind using whisper rather than shout. Locations: Northwind Summit, Valthume and Volunruud

3.      Become Ethereal: Change your form into something which cannot be harmed. You cannot harm other creatures while in this form, too. Locations: Ironbind Barrow, Lost Valley Redoubt and Ustengrav

4.      Call Dragon: Summon a dragon in time of great need. Location: High Hrothgar

5.      Call of Valor: Calls a hero to fight alongside with the player. Location: Sovngarde

6.      Clear Skies: Clears all weather effects such as fogs, mist and rain. Location: High Hrothgar

7.      Disarm: Strip your opponent of its weapon. Locations: Eldersblood Peak, Silverdrift Lair and Snow Veil Sanctum

8.      Dismay: Shout to scare enemies away. Locations: Dead Crone Rock, Lost Tongue Overlook and Shalidor's Maze

9.      Dragonrend: Weakens and forces a dragon to land. Location: Throat of the World

10.  Drain Vitality: Drain stamina, health and magicka from target. Locations: Dimhollow Crypt, Forgotten Vale and Arcwind Point

11.  Elemental Fury: Imbue yourself with the speed of wind for faster weapon strikes.

Locations: Dragontooth Crater, Shriekwind Bastion and Statue to Meridia

12.  Fire Breath: Allows the dragonborn to breathe fire like that of a dragon. Locations: Dustman's Cairn, Sunderstone Gorge and Throat of the World

13.  Frost Breath: Breathe with ice to injure and slowdown enemies. Locations: Bonestrewn Crest, Folgunthur and Skyborn Altar

14.  Ice Form: Turns target into a solid block of ice. Locations: Frostmere Crypt, Mount Anthor and Saarthal

15.  Kyne's Peace: Animals will become calm and stop fighting. Locations: Ragnvald, Rannveig's Fast and Shroud Hearth Barrow

16.  Marked for Death: Damage armour and drain life from target. Locations: Autumnwatch Tower, Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and Forsaken Cave

17.  Slow Time: Slows time actively on people, NPCs and surroundings. Locations: Hag's End, Korvanjund and Labyrinthian

18.  Soul Tear: Drains 300 health points upon impact and if target dies within 2 seconds, it revives the body to fight for you under 1 minute. Location: Taught by Durnehviir

19.  Storm Call: Summon lightning strikes on location. Locations: Forelhost, High Gate Ruins and Skuldafn Temple

20.  Summon Durnehviir: Summon the undead dragon Durnehviir in combat. Location: Soul Cairn

21.  Throw Voice: Create a source of audio distraction. Location: Shearpoint

22.  Unrelenting Force: Pacify enemies and even dragons using this shout. Locations: Bleak Falls Barrow and High Hrothgar

23.  Whirlwind Sprint: Rush to an area like a tempest. Locations: Dead Men's Respite, High Hrothgar and Volskygge

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