Elder Scrolls Online Update 2: Dragonknight, Nightblade, Crypt of Hearts, PvP Campaigns, Field of View Slider

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ESO Update 2 is on its way and the development team has posted the details of changes and future plans for the online game. Know the class changes, EU megaserver details, PVP campaigns, Crypt of Hearts and the patch notes.

Elder Scrolls Online Update 2

ESO development team posted new details regarding the game's future, changes and the update version 2. Update 2 is a part of the continuous effort to improve ESO such as several bug fixes, tweaks and smaller systems changes.

Class Ability Status

The team took their time to make balances and bug fixes for Class Ability Status in ESO. It seems like they have based the changes from feedback reports and intends to do more future game balances.

1.      The Dragonknight is still stronger than intended and there will be some changes over time. Tweaks are under development until it is in line with the survivability of other classes.

2.      Nightblades reported underpowered status and like the Dragonknight, ESO development team will bring changes from time to time including incremental adjustments till it falls in line with other class abilities.

3.      A missing part of the Biting Jabs change documented in the patch note from Update 1.

4.      Ongoing resolution against ultimate spamming issue in PvP.

European Megaserver

ESO development team is working on migrating the EU megaserver to its final home in a European datacentre. The plan should be made some time during summer and details will be shared later on.

PvP Campaigns

New additions and changes are planned for the PvP Campaign from the launched Update 1. ESO development team encourage players to send feedbacks and ideas at the official forum for the campaign such as having alternate rule sets.

Connection Issues

Some of the reported connection errors when logging into the game have been fixed since the maintenance update. However, players who still suffer the error 301 when logging into the game should contact the Support Team for assistance.

Public Test Server

Update 2 includes participation of players to test major updates and every active subscriber is invited to play and give feedback on PTS. It features complete templates that let you create high-level characters and play the Veteran version of Crypt of Hearts.

Update 2 Patch Notes

It is now available on the PTS and tentatively scheduled to go live on main game servers during the week of June 23. Here are some features revealed by the development team:

  1. Crypt of Hearts for Veteran Rank 12 characters. It is the continuation of the Crypt of Hearts storyline and includes the secrets of Nerien'eth the Lich.
  2. Highly requested feature called Field of View Slider to tweak the FOV while playing in first-person mode.
  3. More object interaction which allows picking up and equipping of weapons and armours that you find lying around the world.
  4. More ongoing bug fixes and combat polish.

Future Updates

ESO development team is planning to release Update 3 on July, which will focus on player customisation systems such as armour dyeing, guild insignias and tabards. Additionally, Update 3 will include enlarging smaller dungeons, some re-work on several quests and more about the Veteran system.

For the full list of changes of ESO Update 2, click here to visit the official Elder Scrolls Online forum.

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