Elder Scrolls Online Known Issues Currently Being Fixed and Resolved Bugs, According to ZeniMax Studio

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ZeniMax Online Studios is not only dealing with the issue of botters on "Elder Scrolls Online" ("ESO") but also in-game issues. The studio listed down all the top priority in-game issues that are currently being tested for fixes. The list includes improvements on the gameplay, quests and Cyrodiil loading screens.

Known Issues Fix In-Progress

For "ESO" players, ZeniMax is now working to resolve all known in-game issues that affect overall gaming experience, quest line and other aspects of the game.

A post from ZOS_GinaBruno at the official "ESO" forum in May 15 detailed all major known issues that are classified as top priority. Some issues detailed below received several fixes on the patch version 1.1.2.

General Issues

The following are the general issues ZeniMax is currently looking into:

1. Botters—It is a continuous on-going work which will deliver never-ending improvements on process and security to combat in-game botters. However, ZeniMax cannot detail various actions being taken to control and put down botters in the game as it risks security exposure.

2. EU Server Lag—Related to players having latency issues when playing "ESO" on the European megaserver. ZeniMax is completely aware of the problem and constantly investigating to determine ways for improvement.

3. Achievements—Some players may be suffering from achievement acquisitions for Shadowfen and other areas. There is a plan to fix the problem on the next patch and retroactive action to receive any previously missing achievements.

4. Eidetic Memory—Pertaining to the issue of missing books from the Eidetic Memory Collection. Zenimax is currently working for a fix.

Gameplay Issues

The following gameplay issues are currently being looked into by ZeniMax:

1. Nightblade—Issues with abilities and passives that are not working properly. Some bugs are fixed by patch version 1.1.2.

2. Weapon Swapping—Lag issue on weapon swapping during combat that can be caused by different factors. ZeniMax is now testing a fix to significantly improve the responsiveness of this feature.

3. Passives—Certain passives such as with vampires will stop working upon death. Patch version 1.1.2 contained several necessary patches.

4. Werewolf Ultimate Pack Leader—The root cause of the Werewolf Ultimate Pack Leader bug has been identified. Fixes are available on patch version 1.1.2.

Quest Line

ZeniMax Studios is also working on issues found among several quests inside the game. More quests are being investigated aside from the ones listed below.

— A Walk Above the Clouds — Castle of the Worm — Halls of Torment — Haunting of Kalari — Master of Leki's Blade — Will of the Council — The Army of Meridia — The Dangerous Past — The Den of Lorkhaj — The First Step.

Some fixes have been noted on patch version 1.1.2 such as for the Army of Meridia and A Walk Above the Clouds quests.

Cyrodiil Loading Screens

Players may encounter long loading screens when entering the Province of Cyrodiil. Other issues related to this problem are as follows:

Broken world bosses such as Lesser Circle in Alik'r and Summoner's Camp in Bangkorai Provisioning issues such as searching for low-level items in Veteran Rank containers Getting stuck moving slowly in combat.

Extremely long loading screens when zoning in Cyrodiil received a fix on patch version 1.1.2 along with added Enchanters to all border entry locations and more. Visit the official forum for detailed patch notes on version 1.1.2.

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