‘Elder Scrolls Online’ Gets First Update – Offline Maintenance to Hit American and European Servers

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The Elder Scrolls Online
IN PHOTO: The Elder Scrolls Online was released on 4 April, 2014. elderscrollsonline.com

The first update for the popular MMORPG "Elder Scrolls Online" will be starting on May 22. The developers announced that the Update 1 will also include the much awaited Craglorn update. Subscribers may not need to spend anything extra for this update.

The Craglorn update of the "Elder Scrolls Online" game brings the first Adventure Zone to the players. It is aimed at providing a challenging additional gameplay option to the veteran players.

The update comes with its very own storyline. The update allows players to explore the world of Craglorn, discover quests, play as part of a 12 player team in the trials and also obtain new and powerful weapons and armours.

The new story is based around unravelling the mystery of the constellations. The region between Skyrim and Cyrodiil is overrun by deadly forces, someone called the Celestial Warrior is laying siege in the west with his army of ancient Yokudans and the Celestial Mage and his atronachs are in the east.

In order to fight the Celestials a player will first need to pass the Trials of the Aetherian Archive and Hel Ra Citadel. The trials will take place with the player as part of a 12 member team. Players can join the madcap daredevils or the dungeon delvers of Tamriel for the task.

The offline maintenance of the servers of "Elder Scrolls Online" will begin on Thursday, 22 May. The North American Megaserver is scheduled for the maintenance at 8 AM EDT and the European Megaserver is scheduled for maintenance at 10 PM EDT.

Fans are excited about the new update, some of the players who are not at the maximum level are eager to reach the threshold in order to be eligible to play the updated story. Some of the players are concerned because the estimated downtime of the servers has not been mentioned by the company. A server maintenance usually takes just a few hours.

"Elder Scrolls Online" is currently available for PC and the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 versions are expected to be available soon. Fans are excited to see what new tactics can be used during gameplay in the new update and the effects of the new weapons and armour.

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