El Chapo Guzman Wife: Was Beauty Queen Emma Coronel With Sinaloa's Cartel Kingpin During Arrest?

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The arrest of Sinaloa's cartel kingpin and the world's most powerful drug dealer, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is all over the news and many speculate that his wife, former beauty queen Emma Coronel was the unidentified woman who was taken into custody with him. According to reports, El Chapo and the mystery woman were arrested at a beach resort in Mazatlan on Saturday, Feb. 22.

"If he is not extradited, he will be able to escape in a period of time. When you arrest the most powerful man in Mexico and the Americas, if you speak with any cartel member, they will say that he is even more powerful than the Mexican President, Pena Nieto," Al Paso Intelligence Center Phil Jordan said, describing how significant Guzman's arrest is for the Mexican and United States governments. Guzman was also a drug trafficker in Europe, Australia and Asia.

Guzman, 56, and the now 24-year-old Coronel married in 2007, only days after she turned 18 years old. He was attracted to her after winning the Miss Coffee and Guava beauty pageant. Coronel, who is the daughter of Guzman's top deputy, Ines Coronel Barreas, is either Guzman's third or fourth wife, giving him twin daughters in 2011 at Antelope Valley Hospital, Los Angeles, California. She is both Mexican and American citizen and was last seen re-entering Mexico after giving birth.

Guzman is known as a legendary outlaw and had been pursued for a couple of weeks. Several Sinaloa operatives were taken down in the previous months while Guzman's partner, Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada was arrested after entering Arizona in November of 2013. Agents learned that Guzman started coming down from his mountain hideout to enjoy his fortune. Guzman was rumoured to live from Guatemala to Argentina after he escaped prison in a laundry truck. Rumour has it that his escape was aided by insiders, bribery and even former Mexican President Felipe Calderon.  

The man who was able to elude Mexican authorities for more than 10 years already looked pudgy and middle-aged in a white button-down shirt and black jeans. Many speculate that Guzman has undergone several plastic surgeries to change his facial features for anonymity.

See pictures of Guzman's arrest and Coronel here

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