Edythe Kirchmaier at 106 is Facebook's Oldest User

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A man is silhouetted against a video screen with an Facebook logo
A man is silhouetted against a video screen with an Facebook logo REUTERS

Who said Facebook is just for teens? Edythe Kirchmaier just turned 106 years on January 22 and is considered as Facebook's oldest user.

ABC News reported that it was in 2013 when Ms Kirchmaier was first recognized as the oldest denizen of the most popular social media site online. She got her account in Facebook up and going when her friends from a medical aid charity called Direct Relief signer her up. She was 105 years old then.

Aside from being the oldest Facebook user, she is also the oldest licensed driver in California. Another milestone with regards to her age is that she is the oldest living graduate of the University of Chicago.

Kerri Murray, the official spokesperson of the charity she belongs to, confessed that they first had trouble entering Ms Kirchmaier's birth year of 1908 when they signed her up at the site. This is all because the system kept on having glitches with the engineers spending up until a month to verify her real age. In short, no one amongst the site's engineers ever thought a 105-year-old will sign up for FB.

How Edythe Kirchmaier Welcomes the New World

According to the Facebook's oldest user, she takes advantage of social media to check and interact with the loved ones in her life. She also uses her status updates to spread awareness in encouraging others to volunteer for Direct Relief. She even personally told ABC News that it is her goal to make her favourite charity become more popular.

However, no matter how adept she is with modern technology despite her being a centenarian, she still consistently drafts thank you letters in her own handwriting sent out to the donors of their charity. She does this routine for the past 41 years of her life, each and every Tuesday.

Facebook Achievements

With all her effort allotted to social media even at such an old age, the Facebook's oldest user already has 45,000 friends and has 105,000 likes for her Direct Relief fan page. Others can visit the page to make donations and even become a volunteer.

When asked if she would also try out other social media sites like Pinterest or Twitter, the Facebook's oldest user insisted she'd stick with Facebook at the moment.

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