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UW Madison

Is Madison set to split from the University of Wisconsin System?

Feb 17th 2011Memo from Chancellor to Governor's office indicates that the flagship campus at Madison is looking at breaking away from the UW state system altogether.

Home Depot

Home Depot to give boost to job creation by filling 60000 positions

Feb 16th 2011The home improvement retailer is set to give significant boost to job creation in the economy, hiring over 60000 seasonal associates to cope with the demands of a busy spring season.

Money changer shows some one-hundred U.S. dollar bills at an exchange booth in Tokyo

High school students to receive scholarships based on financial literacy and knowledge

Feb 18th 2011The U.S. Department of the Treasury in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education and the Charles Schwab Foundation has launched the 2011 National Financial Capability Challenge for high school students.





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