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Storm Clouds Gather Above the Light Towers During the Fourth Day's Play of the First Ashes Cricket Test Match Between England and Australia in Brisbane

Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology Launches Trial Thunderstorm Tracker Online Radar for Southeast Queensland

Dec 11th 2013The Australian Government's Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has just launched its trial "Thunderstorm Tracker" Online Radar for the Southeast Queensland area. According to the official Web site of the Australian Government BOM, the "Thunderstorm Tracker" aims...

Models pose with a replica of a condom during the 2001 Durex Global Sex Survey Press conference in Hong Kong

NZFPA Pushes Compulsory Sex Education for 5-Year-Olds in New Zealand

Dec 9th 2013The New Zealand Family Planning Association (NZFPA) plans to introduce 5-year-old Kiwi children to sex education. NZFPA is an affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) which promotes contraception, sterilisation and abortion. The NZFPA is moving ahead wi...

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) student works on a computer in a library at the Management Development Institute (MDI) in Gurgaon, on the outskirts of New Delhi May 2, 2012. (Reuters)

New Zealand Slides In PISA Education Rankings, Social Inequality Blamed

Dec 4th 2013New Zealand's education achievement ranking has dropped, according the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report released Dec. 3.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks at Fort Garry Fire Trucks Education

Canada Drops in Global Math Education Rankings

Canada has fallen out of the global top 10 in international math education standings, sending education leaders scrambling for decorum.


Aussie Students’ Ranking Fell; Shanghai Students Best in the World, Report Reveals

OECD reports Aussie students failing behind their Shanghai counterparts

West London Free School Education

Time to Revise Our Opinion of Free Schools

The concept of free schools is nothing new - and we should give it a chance to work.

Students attend a lecture at a classroom at an institute in Gurgaon, on the outskirts of New Delhi May 2, 2012. Education

World's Best Cities For Students Found In New Zealand And Australia

New Zealand's Auckland and Australia's Sydney and Melbourne made it to the list of world's top cities for students. Auckland's international student industry is boosted by ranking no.


Cheating Scandal: Adelaide Med Students Caught Cheating in Reproductive Health Exam

A serious breach in scholastic conduct was brought to the attention of Adelaide University when some of its fifth year class were caught cheating on a reproductive health exam. Twelve students have now come forward admit...

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Studies Show Importance of Makeup: If Worn Regularly, People May Trust and Like You More

Studies Show Importance of Makeup: If Worn Regularly, People May Trust and Like You More [PHOTOS]

Recent studies show the importance of makeup and that if it is reportedly worn regularly, people may trust and...

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