Eddie Redmayne: Getting To Know The Leading Man in 'My Week with Marilyn'

  @ibtimesau on November 21 2011 2:53 PM

Majority of the Oscar news that you get to hear lately is noticeably about how Michelle Williams portrayed Marilyn Monroe. But in reality, it is about the character of Colin Clark played by Eddie Redmayne.

Colin Clark was a production assistant who turned to become the confidant of the Hollywood bomb actress and eventually falls for her during the making of the movie 'The Prince and the Showgirl.' If one would compare the other roles he has made in the past for movies like 'Savage Grace' and 'The Good Shepherd,' this one is the most refreshing of all.

Eddie found it very eerie to shoot the film with them having the same location as that of the original film, and even Michelle being in the actual dressing room that Monroe used. He also finds it extremely odd that the character he plays went to Eton where he also went to in his real life.

He also admits that he is a big fan of 'Dawson's Creek' which was the first big break of his co-star Michelle Williams.

"Unfortunately, I admitted to Michelle pretty early on that I was a big fan, so I didn't have to skulk around in embarrassment," the actor said when asked about his being tensed to act alongside Williams.

He also likes the amazing acting performance of Williams pairing up with Ryan Gosling for 'Blue Valentine.' With a lot of period work project that he has done recently, he still hopes to do a movie that revolves around a modern plot and setting one day.

Through the years, the titles of the projects he has done would really depict a lot of colourful essence especially with the titles themselves such as 'Red,' 'Powder Blue,' 'Black Death,' 'The Yellow Handkerchief,' and a lot more; without everyone being even aware that the young actor is actually colour blind. Interesting trivia, isn't it?

His next projects would be 'Richard II' and 'Hick' where he would get to work with Blake Lively.


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