Ed Sheeran's New Single 'Sing' Could Be The Next Big Hit! [LISTEN]

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Ed Sheeran just published his new single 'Sing', and it's now ready for pre-order on iTunes. 'Sing' just came out April 7 2014, and it's already gaining a lot positive feedback from fans and music lovers.

The English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran started of his career with Asylum records and debuted his first album "+" in 2011. His songs "Lego House" and "The A Team" are the songs that got him most recognition, winning quintuple platinum in the United Kingdom. Ed Sheeran was a singer immediately loved by listeners in the first few years of his career because of his endearing and heartfelt acoustic sound. Come 2012 he won Best British Male and British Breakthrough.

In his latest project, Ed Sheeran has collaborated with famous producer and singer Pharell Williams for his newest single titled "Sing". Pharell, known for his R&B music style, has helped Ed try a different take on his usual acoustic ballad sound. It's not that Pharell disliked Ed's genre, or intentionally influence him to switch to a new zone. Ed Sheeran willfully accepted the new beat and tempo for his new song in their collaboration. Also, Ed Sheeran went for the new musical direction as he was inspired with the sounds of Justin Timberlake.

Recently, Pharell's song "Happy" has broke out in to such popularity. Critics and listeners alike have nothing but good feedback for the song. The same with Ed's new single, being set on a livelier upbeat tempo, fans worldwide can expect that it will be another success. With the reception of listeners for pop music nowadays, Ed could have never gone wrong with this new single.

Just a few days after 'Sing' was posted in Youtube, there are already many positive feedbacks for the song.

"I'm seriously crying!! Ed has done it again!" said Marissa Castro in the YouTube comments section.

"happy song :) can't wait for the entire album !!!!" added Valerio Ashore.

"Omg Ed did it again I'm dying I love it so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!" commented Sydni Beard, YouTube user.

As fans are on it at the moment, it won't be hard for everyone to imagine that 'Sing' is definitely going to be the next big thing for Ed Sheeran.

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