Ed Sheeran Debuts 'Sing' Music Video And Goes Wild [VIDEO]

Ed Sheeran has recently released a music video for his new single titled "Sing" via Facebook on May 22. Pharell Williams joined Sheeran's puppet alter ego rock out in the video, going wild and dancing in a limo, along with the beautiful ladies. Sheeran bypassed the music industry's traditional approach of releasing music videos on YouTube and Vevo.

The new music video featured Sheeran's puppet alter ego goes on a wild night. He started off driving and carelessly parking his pickup vehicle somewhere and walked wobbly down the club. Then the puppet, while riding his Hummer limousine, picks up some ladies along the way and dances in the middle of them. Short intercut shots of the real British musician singing, and playing his guitar comes up during the first chorus.

The puppet enjoyed his time in the strip club, vomitted confetti in the comfort room, and then drove to pick his human counterpart and Pharell Williams. In the video, Sheeran and Williams joined the puppet go for a drive while singing through the rest of the song. The three also settled down in a couch filled with women while they enjoy the company and their drinks.

The puppet later got arrested following his wild night.

The music video was directed by Emil Nava, who has previously helped with Sheeran's other music videos like "Lego House" and "Give Me Love."

Steve Troop and BJ Guyer of Puppet Design Studios helped designing the mini version of the music artist. Nava decided that the puppet should represent a total opposite version of Sheeran. The pop-star singer loved the music video and actually kept the puppet for himself.

"Sing" is the first single from Sheeran's sophomore album, "x," due out June 23, reported Billboard.

CREDIT:Ed Sheeran/YouTube

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