eBay Stocks Steady Despite Strong Q1 Sales

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American online shopping store eBay is faced with steady stocks despite the release of its strong first quarter report on Tuesday as investors take into consideration the company's marketplace and second quarter guidance.

Despite the 14 percent revenue growth and 11 percent increase in Non-GAAP earnings per share during the first quarter, the company's stocks remains just at one percent increase on Thursday. It was actually a slight rebound after the stocks went down by four percent shortly after the release of the first quarter report.

Based on the American online shopping store's first quarter report, the company had increased the enabled commerce volume (ECV) of $58 billion were due to the one percent accelerated volume, 70 percent mobile ECV, and 7.3 percent take rate.

The California-based company's free cash flow generation was also at $968 million with $0.70 non-generally accepted accounting principle earnings per share. With these figures, eBay bought back $1.8 billion worth of stocks and kept the remaining $3.8 billion authorisation for their future repurchases.

In a report from Tech Crunch, eBay President and Chief Executive Officer John Donohoe stated during a press release: "We delivered a strong first quarter, with enabled commerce volume up 24 percent and revenue up 14 percent."

However, the company's commitment to deliver sustainable growth plans and aggressively pursue their $5 billion buyback program was met with mixed reactions in the marketplace.

Donohue's revelation of eBay's plan to move its cash balance from the international market back to the US overwhelmed the analysts for it will incur $3 billion tax from the international earnings.

"Today, we also announced a non-cash tax charge to facilitate repatriation of $6 billion net in foreign earnings, increasing our available U.S. cash and enhancing our financial flexibility," said Donohue.

Besides, eBay's second quarter guidance for its net revenue is at $4.325 billion to $4.425 billion while their non-GAAP earnings per share is only at $0.67 to $0.69 which is lower than analysts' forecast of $0.70.

Still the company is very much positive on focusing their long-term investments on mobile, local, global, and data which are the core units of their commerce ecosystem.

With the strong first quarter that eBay reported, there is a big hope indeed for the online shopping company in the succeeding quarters.

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