Easter 2014: Top 8 Last Minute, Affordable (Budget Friendly) Easter Gift or Basket Fillers Ideas

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Easter is nearly upon us. It falls on Sunday, April 20, 2014 and is only three days away. Easter gift baskets are essential to this holiday celebration and are loved by all. The most exciting part of the Easter celebration is unwrapping those goody bags filled with interesting items. But have you already decided what goes in your Easter basket or what will you present as Easter gift to your beloveds? If not, here are top 8 last minute, affordable (budget friendly) Easter gift or basket filler ideas.

1.    Ready-Made Easter Baskets- If you are really running out of time and are only looking to make last-minute arrangements then a ready-made Easter basket filled with goodies is the best last-minute gift idea. You can check out Easter sections of confectioner's shop or drugstores and pick up something that fits your budget. Ready-made Easter baskets come in all price ranges. Fix up a budget and make your pick.

2.  Easter Baskets with Candies and Chocolates: If you are left with very little time in hand then you can rely on traditional ideas of Easter gifts. Stuff Easter baskets with candies and chocolates which make perfect last-minute and affordable items. You can either buy some candies or chocolates or prepare them on your own.  Markets are filled with yummy goodies that are available in all price range to fit your budget. Also some simple and easy-to-make recipes are available on the internet to prepare this stuff which will keep it low-cost. You can also make Easter bunny cookies, cakes, muffins and more.

3.  Music CDs or Movie DVDs: A simple way to flatter someone is by composing a CD or DVD with music or movies of the recipient's choice. This gift item is cost and time efficient.

4.  Puzzle Games: Who doesn't love games and solving puzzles. Puzzles and board games make perfect Easter basket items that can be acquired at low cost. Look for games at discounted prices in the shops hosting Easter sales. These affordable and last-minute Easter gift ideas can also become a great source of entertainment and amusement during Easter holiday.

5.  Stationary Items: Pens, crayons, writing pads and journals, planner and other stationary items are other options to fill Easter gift baskets with.

6.  Books: Not everyone love books, but if you know what your loved ones would like to read, you can gift them with a book. For kids, it can be drawing or activity books and for adults it can be a novel, a recipe book, a travel guide or anything related to their interest.

7.  A Potted Plant: Make an impression by gifting them a unique, affordable and eco-friendly gift this Easter.

8.   Easter Greeting Cards: Wish them Happy Easter with words and messages. Easter greeting cards are one of the best last-minute yet affordable gift items. Making some greeting cards can be a fun activity that can be enjoyed by all on Easter Sunday. Spending time creating something creative with kids and the rest of the family and then exchanging them with each other can definitely brighten up the day.

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