Easter 2014: 10 Easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Easter Eggs Decorating Ideas

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The Easter celebration marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ by participating in parades, feasts and Easter egg hunt.

The most common tradition enjoyed by most Christians is decorating Easter eggs. These eggs highlight the festive spirit of Easter festival. This Easter, adopt some interesting decorating ideas and design some unique and artistic Easter eggs.

Here are 10 easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Easter eggs decorating ideas.

1.    Dyed Easter eggs: Dying Easter eggs is an age-old tradition followed by families. This is the easiest Do-It-Yourself Easter eggs decorating technique. All you need for this decorating technique are hard-boiled eggs, a bowl, boiling water, color and vinegar. You can also use some natural colors that are available in your kitchen to dye the eggs this season.

2.  Sharpie Easter eggs: One of the easiest ways of decorating Easter eggs is using the sharpie marker. In less than an hour, you can decorate dozens of Easter eggs with this easy Easter eggs decorating idea. Grab a black sharpie marker and doodle or draw some simple patterns on the hard-boiled eggs. At the end of the project, you will see some trendy, black and white Easter eggs.

3.  Colored Tape Easter eggs: For this easy DIY Easter eggs decorating idea, all you need are eggs and some colored, metallic, patterned or fancy tapes. Cut them into different styles, patterns and shapes and simply stick them on the egg shells and create your own unique designs.

4.  Tattooed Easter eggs: For this technique, all you need are some adhesive, hard-boiled eggs and tattoos. Either collect some temporary tattoos or print some free images from the Internet on tattoo paper. After this, simply paste these images on the egg shells.

5.  Shimmery Easter eggs: Create some glittery and shimmery Easter eggs instead of plain-colored ones. For this DIY Easter eggs decorating idea, all you need are some colorful glitter dust, craft glue, paint brush and eggs. Brush the glue on the egg. Then gently patter the glitter dust on the eggs and leave them for drying up.

6.   Painted Easter eggs: Painting the Easter eggs with acrylic paint colors is another easy DIY project you can take on for this Easter. Look for some easy patterns and designs to create for the Easter eggs. Use different colors to design multicolored Easter eggs.

7.  Decorate Easter eggs using pencil colors: Dye Easter eggs in various colors and leave them for drying. Use pencil colors to draw simple drawings on the eggs.

8.  Papier mache Easter eggs: Put on your creative hat and use the technique of papier mache to make some unique and cute-looking Easter eggs for kids to hunt. This easy DIY Easter eggs decorating idea can give you interesting results.

9.  Blow-painted Easter eggs: Get some blow-paint pens or acrylic paints and blow some color on the dyed or non-dyed eggs to design some unique colorful Easter eggs.

10.  Easter eggs with messages: This technique is the easiest all the 10 DIY Easter eggs decorating ideas. If you want to keep it really simple and avoid all the hard work, then just simply write a message on the egg with a permanent marker and wish them "Happy Easter."

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