Eastenders Resurrects Nick Cotton To Boost Show's Ratings, John Altman Excited

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Eastenders fans thought they had seen the last of Nick Cotton when he died of a heart attack and saw his mom Dot weeping over his coffin. However, big bosses of the show decided to resurrect the bad boy reportedly in a bid to boost the show's ratings.

Mirror UK reported Nick Cotton is back from the dead as the show's boss has a plan for him. Executive producer Dominic ­Treadwell-Collins said Eastenders' troublemaker is back to create another twist to the story.

"As we approach EastEnders' 30th anniversary, it's only fitting that our ­original bad boy, and soap's most iconic villain, returns to cause more trouble for his Ma," he said.

"It's time for the indomitable June Brown to have the Nick story to end all Nick stories. It's going to be an exciting ride as the Cottons begin to unravel," he added.

Mirror UK also suggested the show could be suffering some dilemma when it comes to numbers. Ratings are reportedly not looking good that producers had to resurrect Nick Cotton in a bid to boost Eastenders' viewer ratings.

Nick Cotton is not the first comeback to the show. Letitia Dean (Sharon Watts), Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) and Stacey Branning (Lacey Turner) were also brought back as Treadwell-Collins reportedly has made it an option to get famous old characters back to increase the show's ratings and also to bring back lost viewers.

Additionally, theguardian reported "Dirty Den" Dennis Watts, played by Leslie Grantham, was also killed in Eastenders in 1989 but was brought back to the show more than a decade after in 2003.

However, John Altman (who played Nick Cotton's character) couldn't be happier with the news. After five years the original Albert Square villain is "very pleased and much looking forward to coming back to EastEnders."

"I'm also looking forward to working alongside Declan Bennett and Pauline McLynn. And of course being reunited and working once again with my 'dear old Ma', the wonderful June Brown," he said.

According to Digital Spy, John Altman is one of the oldest stars in Eastenders, having appeared as Nick Cotton in the show's first episode on Feb. 19, 1985. He was last seen on screen leaving Walford in 2009 after holding local residents hostage in a café.

Surely fans would be excited to see John Altman again as Nick Cotton. As the actor said, Eastenders' storyline would be "hard hitting and gritty" and that "residents of Albert Square will be none too pleased to see Nick Cotton back."

Source: YouTube/Mashcrash1984

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