Earthquake Rattles Oklahoma Morning Newscast, Meteorologist Shaken But Maintains Cool (VIDEO)

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Oklahoma meteorologist Danielle Dozier of local KOCO-TV just got on air and was about to deliver her live morning weather report when the walls of the studio around her rattled from an earthquake.

Dozier didn't hide her emotions, even verbally expressed she's scared. Yet she maintained composure and continued on with her 10-day forecast announcement. What's more, she was able to guess perfectly the magnitude of that particular temblor that shook her nerves.

"Oh my gosh!" Dozier, covering her mouth presumably to curb what could have been a shout, gushed in front of the camera on Monday, June 16. "I'm so sorry, this is live on air."

"That was way bigger than what we felt earlier. That was well over 4.0 magnitude," she said a little later, when the shaking had stopped.

She later tweeted the USGS findings that confirmed her forecast.

According to the Oklahoma Geological Survey, the 4.2 magnitude quake's center was south of Northeast 122nd Street between Air Depot and Midwest Boulevard.

Just 16 minutes earlier, at 5:31 am CDT, a temblor that measured 3.5 rocked Oklahoma City.

Watch the video here.

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