Early Mother's Day - Kevin Durant Acknowledges His Mom as the Real MVP [VIDEO]

NBA: Kevin Durant-MVP Press Conference
May 6, 2014; Oklahoma City, OK, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant speaks after receiving the MVP trophy at Thunder Events Center. Reuters/Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports Reuters

It looks like Mother's Day came early for Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant's Mom. In Durant's speech for his first ever NBA MVP award last Tuesday, he said to his mom Wanda, "You're the real MVP."

In Durant's NBA career, he already had some number of awards and honors to boot. In his early years in the NBA, he became "Rookie of the Year" for 2008 and NBA All-Star Game MVP in 2012. Because of his lethal perimeter shooting, three-point range, and mad scoring abilities, he already had four NBA Scoring Champion titles over the recent years. The most recent award for Durant was receiving the present NBA season's MVP award. He may have been closely watched by basketball pundits and critics vying for the title against Miami Heat's LeBron James recently, and this time he finally achieved one of his dreams.

Many past NBA MVP awardees have shown gratitude and humility when they received their titles before. But Durant seemed to be different from them all. Yes the humility and gratitude was there, but no one like Durant became emotional with it. Durant went on recognizing and thanking each and every teammate, friend, and family member during his speech. He honored his friends with all the help they had been to Durant's career.

The emotions he had during his speech showed how the award meant to him.

After thanking everyone, Durant answered questions from the press recovering from emotional tears.

Kevin Durant, being already liked by many, attracted more fans in his direction since his latest MVP acceptance speech.

In 2012, a poll revealed that he was favored more by fans Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. In Oklahoma City, he's been interacting nicely with the Thunder's staff, and other people. Many people testify about their nice experiences with Kevin Durant, thus extending his fame outside the basketball courts as well.

(Credit: YouTube/HardwoodParoxysm14)

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