Early LG Optimus G Pro Reviews: Winner Phablet Compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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As promised, LG uncloaked the Optimus G Pro via the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and everyone saw a strong phablet contender that aims to dislodge Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 from its throne.

Will it muscle out the phablet king? DigitalTrends appears an early believer and following its brief moments with the 5.5-inch supersized smartphone, the tech site declared: "It looks as though the Note 2 could have some serious competition on its hands."

"The Optimus G Pro is an impressive device. It's more svelte, it's lighter, it's faster and it's better looking with that 1080p display than the Note 2," it added.

It's pretty obvious that the G Pro is looking to give the Note 2 some serious jolt by packing the following for phablet lovers' delight: a 1.7GHz quad-core chip with 2GB of RAM, a 13MP rear shooter, a 2MP front facing HD camera and a powerhouse 3140mAh battery with removable cover.

The G Pro is realised thanks to loads of hardwork from LG engineers who churned out cool device features for exclusive enjoyment of Optimus G Pro buyers.

Most notable in the plethora of phablet features, according to BGR News, is the QSlide software. This is multi-view first seen in Samsung Galaxy Note with a new flavour.

The 'innovation', BGR said, "allows for multiple application windows to rest on top of the running base application ... and you can adjust both size and opacity of the overlaid window, allowing you to read text through a video window."

For Engadget, the fresh Snapdragon dispatch from Qualcomm is more than impressive, stressing that "the 1.7GHz quad-core beast didn't disappoint in our brief time with the device."

And with 400ppi display rendition on its stretched out screen, the Optimus G Pro viewing window is "simply stunning," Engadget added.

CNET agrees, adding that the 5.5-inch full HD IPS screen LG used in the G Pro definitely merits more than a second look.

Overall, LG has put together a winner in the Optimus G Pro though CNET noted that the lack of stylus in a full-sized phablet seems a major oversight on LG's part.

The recipes are there for LG's Optimus G Pro to lure consumers willing to take their first taste on phablet via the new product. But distribution and pricing matter most in determining if the G Pro will be a hit or a miss, experts said.

The key is the right mix of affordability and availability, they added.

LG intends to unleash the Optimus G Pro for global audience by Q2 2013 running on the latest JellyBean.

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