Earless Child Gets Ears from Ribs Through Plastic Surgery Procedure

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Nine-year old Kieran Sorkin was born with microtia because of which he had underdeveloped ears and suffered from deafness. 

Almost 100 children a year in the United Kingdom are affected by it, and procedures and treatments like rib cartilage graft reconstruction, polyethylene plastic implant and prosthetic ear are used to help repair this condition. 

The rib cartilage graft reconstruction is what helped Sorkin repair his ears as he always longed to be normal and have regular ears. His mother, Louise, wished that her son should be accepted like everyone else and decided to take him in for the surgery as he longed for it as well.

The consultant plastic surgeon from Great Ormond Street Hospital, Neil Bulstrode, shaped Sorkin's ears in that of his mother's as he required a mould for it. Usually, in the case of just one ear getting affected by microtia, that is taken as the mould.

The cartilage of six ribs were cut and shaped to form ears and placed on Kieran's face during the course of the surgery, after which he was very excited as he'd able to wear sunglasses and listen to songs through headphones, actions he was unable to perform earlier.

Unlike Keiran, who went in for plastic surgery to boost his confidence and help lead a normal life, some others go in to correct flaws in their body, like celebrity Victoria Beckham.

The former Spice Girl admitted to going in for enlargement of breasts through cosmetic surgery. Initially, she boasted of her body being "completely natural," after which she confessed to going under the knife. Later, she added that she had reversed the procedure as well.

In 1999, after the birth of her son, Brooklyn, she went in to increase her breast size from 34A to a 34DD. At that point of time, she claimed that her breasts looked larger because of push-up bras and support tape inside her clothes. 

But in 2005, her lawyers accepted the fact that she had gone through breast enhancement surgery. After the birth of her fourth child in 2011, she admitted it, but also said that she had the procedure reversed. 

She went for the surgery because she didn't like looking at pictures of her inflated chest and spent nearly £10,000 for it, 15 years ago.

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