Earin: Tiny Wireless Earbuds Measure 14 mm x 20 mm

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Kickstarter once again has a project that pledges to raise £179,000 ($303,720) in delivering the world's smallest earbuds.

Earin are wireless earbuds with fine audio sound and are so small that they are almost invisible. The two earbuds function together as one Bluetooth headphone without any cable or attachments but small device delivering high quality audio sound.

Kickstarter reported Earin represents Olle Linden's vision to "create a perfect wireless experience". It was after 5 years when he created the headphone that is easy to use, beautifully crafted and creates a fantastic music experience.

The earbuds are for music lovers and unlike other headphones, they do not have complicated wires that may be irritating while in motion. They measure at 14 mm x 20 mm and weigh 5 grams. They are hardly noticeable when someone is wearing them, but looks like the normal small earplugs.

The earbuds are ready to use once removed from the capsule and connect on the smartphone's Bluetooth. It delivers music between 2.5 hours and 3 hours of battery life per charge.

The earbuds also comes with a battery capsule which is a rechargeable Li-On button cell. It can be conveniently attached to a keychain that can be carried anywhere. But there is a need to charge the battery capsule with a USB port. Charging Earin is not wire-free.

Earin uses balanced armature speakers, used in professional in-ear-monitors and hearing aids, consisting of spring and magnetic force that removes a lot of the moving mass, making it possible to deliver the best possible sound.

Also, the low mass makes it very energy-efficient consuming minimal power. They also have high-density rechargeable batteries to keep playback time up and size down.

Earin can secure an audio transfer with the power of the AptX solution for digital audio. It is helpful in optimizing instant real-time audio streaming as AptX is considered to provide the highest audio quality, very low latency and shows toughness to errors, and has been proved in wireless, broadcast and professional live performance applications.

Earin expects to start its shipping in January 2015.

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