EA Sports UFC Release Date Update and New Gameplay Trailer

By @binibiningkd on

EA Sports and UFC teamed up to create the aptly named EA Sports UFC, which is built exclusively for new-gen consoles.

Many sports enthusiasts and gamers are earnestly waiting for the release of a new EA Sports title just after the release date of Madden NFL 15 was announced. EA describes the game as the most realistic take on fighting ever achieved. EA Sports UFC is arranged for release in a few weeks and although a number of images of various fighters and some videos have been released already, the real gameplay video of the game wasn't out yet. 

Those who have already watched the video can attest that the UFC's television graphics of the game are very similar to watching an actual UFC fight. There is also the voice of the Octagon, Bruce Buffer saying the fighter introductions in his forceful way. There is also the overhead camera fly-in and the look of the fighters getting ready for the fight is the same as the real UFC battle. EA really did its best in giving a true and real life graphics and experiences to the fans of UFC and MMA.

The first UFC game made by the EA Sports banner could be a bridge to the relationship between the two companies, mainly since this could be the last UFC game for now.

Last March, Fortune interviewed EA CEO Andrew Wilson about the decision whether EA Sports UFC will be an annual or every other year release. "Do I think that UFC would be an every year game?" Wilson asked. "I don't know. It feels like it's in that every-other-year mix, but in all honesty we haven't made that decision yet. That really comes down to how long it's going to take to make a great game and when do we think the audience is ready."

Wilson further claimed that there are products to be launched annually, every other year and every four to five years. At present, new GTA games are released every four to five years but the current demand is high. As such, the company is looking at how long it's going to take to build an innovative game in the same genre and when gamers are ready for the release of a next one.

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