EA Sports UFC Game Will be an Annual Title, New Video Reveals

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EA is just starting to create the best UFC game in the history of franchise.

In the latest blog post from EA Sports web site, UFC creative director Brian Hayes discussed the new and improved submission system in the game. Also, in addition to the blog post, there is a video that reveals Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate to illustrate the submission system.  

"We wanted to showcase the fact that trying to submit someone is a constant struggle and that, very often, not as easy as the press of a button," Hayes claimed.

"There is always some way the defensive fighter can try to move or shift that will relieve the pressure of a joint lock or a choke," Hayes continued "That is, until there is no place to move and the fight is over. It's the offensive fighter's job to shut the defender down and look for their openings to tighten the submission to the point where their opponent has no choice but to tap. These are the observations that led us to create the Submission Game for EA SPORTS UFC."

Meanwhile, it was announced by Hayes that unlike other EA Sports games, EA Sports UFC will not be an annual title. According to the Web site Undisputed Online, Hayes revealed the next UFC game is about to be released 18 to 22 months after the release of June's EA Sports UFC.

However, Hayes mentioned that the game will receive new fighters regularly as well as constant roster updates. The new fighters will mostly be free updates and not paid DLC content. Similar to the statement of EA's head, Hayes said that EA Sports UFC will be a biannual game.

In an interview with Fortune in March, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that there have been no decisions made yet regarding whether EA Sports UFC will be an annual or every other year game title.

EA Sports UFC release date is set on June 17 for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. And if everything turns out pretty well be expect to see the game hit the shelves next month.

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