EA Sports FIFA 15, Madden NFL 15 and NHL 15 Special Versions With Massive Pre-Order Offers

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It automatically feels like Christmas for sports gamers around the globe whenever EA Sports launches a new game. It does not matter whether it would be FIFA, Madden or NHL; EA would always be on point. Fans are always expecting something big from EA especially when it comes to the quality and graphics. 

EA makes pre-ordering much more alluring as it offers great deals like the ultimate team mode and special player gear that make its fans purchase its games earlier.

EA Sports do not have special tie-ups to a single gaming platform. This sets it apart from other companies and this also makes it have a bigger market. In fact, EA is already on its second year on PS4 and XBOX one. 

The company has announced in E3 that the games launched would be having two editions. EA would be dishing out a regular version and an ultimate edition. The regular edition would already have all the perks that you get from EA however; gamers who would like to have a better gaming experience can purchase the ultimate edition. The ultimate edition would include tons of free items that gamers could use is NFL 15, NHL 15 and FIFA 15. EA has already begun to roll out videos and screenshots of its upcoming release.

The ultimate edition of Madden NFL 15 is going to include ultimate team pro packs a week for 10 weeks. Aside from that, it will also include a special Draft Pack featuring 10 of the first-round picks from this year's NFL Draft.

FIFA 15 is highly anticipated.  It was nominated 12 times and has won twice in E3. It brings so much intensity and emotion to football that fans have never seen before. As for FIFA 15's ultimate team edition, it would feature the Adidas All-star team and players would have an access to the great Lionel Messi for five games. In addition, players would get an ultimate team gold pack a week for forty weeks.

The ultimate editions of all the titles will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3; as well as on PC.

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