E3 2014 'Mass Effect 4': List of Changes Coming to New 'Mass Effect' According to Bioware

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Bioware released the trailer for the upcoming 'Mass Effect 4' which brings fresh information of what fans can expect soon. Bioware also hinted out what changes are included on the next game series.

Bioware's Trailer and Details

Bioware released the official trailer of the new "Mass Effect" game at the E3 2014 and plans to bring several surprises to their fans.

"We think fans of the series are going to be surprised with just how far we are going," statement from Bioware according to TrustedReviews.

1.      New Worldspaces Bioware confirmed that the new game instalment will feature several new places for players to explore. New places mean new people to interact with throughout game having new dialogues, new storylines and intriguing background.

2.      New Characters Whenever there are new places for players to explore, new characters are expected to appear in the game. These new characters will bring more spice on what's going on inside the story and may impact overall decision and questing. Bioware is assuring fans that they will love these new areas and all of its inhabitants.

3.      More Imaginative According to Bioware, the new game will feature a bigger world as part of never-ending expansion and new worlds with journeys for the next generation. As expected, there will be new quests, new items, new game mechanics and new interactions for better gaming experience.

4.      Better Space Exploration The fourth instalment of "Mass Effect" aims to deliver another location in space and travelling to new planets will only require a single button without loading screens anymore. Omitting loading screens may also signify optimisation and enhancements to overall processing than previous instalments.

5.      Improved Characters If "Mass Effect 3" conquered your eyes for its great graphics and detailed rendering, the new game series will make the characters livelier and almost life-like. Also, there is a chance you can play certain characters such as Garrus, Grunt, Aria and the Illusive Man with all-new graphics rendering.

In addition to all those hinted features from Bioware, "Mass Effect" may be the opportunity for the game to get a clean sheet to deliver never before seen improvements, enhancements, character detailing and immersive storyline.

However, there is a possibility that Commander Shepard won't appear on the upcoming game series based on rumours. Bioware has not confirmed yet if the character will become a part of the new storyline or will make any appearance in the game.

"Mass Effect 4" is still under development and Bioware has no definitive release date as of the moment. Though, players can expect support for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles upon release.

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