Dying Queen Elizabeth: Royals Going Broke Because Of Camilla Parker-Bowles?

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Queen Elizabeth's household finances were reportedly at a "historic low" with only GBP 1 million left in reserves. Rumors are saying the Royal family is like common people who have dysfunctional family members and subject to fighting.

According to Globe magazine, the ailing Queen is stressed over the Royal family's spending that has reportedly gotten out of control.

Adding to the rumors about Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles' supposed marital troubles were in view of the latter's determination to be the next Queen. It is reported Camilla is forcing Prince Charles into claiming his birthright to become the next king. She wants the throne and threatens to file for divorce if this will not happen. She is using a $350 million dollar split to motivate her husband to fight for his place in history. If not, Camilla will divulge all of the family's dirtiest secrets to the media.

If this is true, the Royal family cannot afford to let go of Camilla. Prince William and Kate Middleton have completely overhauled the Kensington Palace while Prince Harry blows too much money wherever he goes, partying and quickly draining the family's bank account. The Queen even reportedly gifted Kate Middleton with a $10 million necklace because of her rumored pregnancy, which supposedly left Camilla jealous and enraged.

The Commons' public accounts committee reported the Queen's advisers had overspent her reserve funds significantly dropping from GBP 35 million in 2001 to only GBP 1 million now.

According to the report, taxpayers fund for Britain's Royal palaces, comprising of 300 buildings in total. The royal household has received $51 million in taxpayer funds from 2012 to 2013 but spent $55.2 million and used the reserve fund.

The Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace are reportedly in dire need of repair. Staff members are now catching rain in buckets to protect antiquities and art, while Queen Elizabeth's old boilers contribute to bills of GBP 774,000 per year.

To make ends meet, the Royal family has reportedly offered more leased properties, tours and allowed facilities for commercial events to increase income. What do you think is in store for the future king and its household?

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