'Dungeon Hunter 4' Hardcore Update: Version 1.5.0 Now Available for Android Devices [WATCH VIDEOS]

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Gameloft's "Dungeon Hunter 4" Hardcore Update Version 1.5.0 is now available for Android devices. It was announced on the videogame developer's official Twitter account on Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014. This announcement came in the heels of the release of the "Dungeon Hunter 4" Hardcore Update Version 1.5.0 for iOS on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014.

"Dungeon Hunter 4" Hardcore Update Version 1.5.0 for Android devices can be downloaded for free on Google play store. It features an increased level cap from 100 to 120 as well as an improved loot system for end-game players. Plus, major bugs such as the Progress reset (for new characters only) and Blood Match connection issues have already been fixed for seamless gameplay.

This new Hardcore Update of "Dungeon Hunter 4" is for end-game players only. In order to play it, just restart the your chosen character's solo campaign in Hardcore Mode and then prepare to engage in challenging missions with difficult to beat enemies, more gold coins and rare items and increased chances of leveling up and improving skills.

 "Dungeon Hunter 4" is an action/arcade hack-and-slash role playing videogame (RPG) developed by Gameloft. It is part of the Dungeon Crawler RPG series. Players can choose from four types of warrior classes including Battleworn, Blademaster, Warmage and Sentinel. They each have different combat styles and they can be played using a male or a female character. Unlike other fantasy/action RPG games though, their appearance including hair and eye colors are not customizable. But, their gear can be crafted, charmed and customized.

What's also great about this game is that it can be played alone or in multiplayer or CO-OP mode which allows "Dungeon Hunter 4" players to cooperate with each other towards a common mission to beat monsters, bosses and other enemies as well as share in the vast loot that they drop.

Those who have played this videogame have commented on Google play store on the user reviews section. Reviewers such as David Becker, Ritesh Patani, Seph Oblea, David Golen and Bob Jackson said that the game is fun and addicting.

Patani said that the update is working well but Golen said that since the update, he has been experiencing some annoying lags in the game especially when there are more than two monsters on screen.

Click HERE to download "Dungeon Hunter 4" Hardcore Update Version 1.5.0 for Android devices.



'Dungeon Hunter 4' Hardcore Update: Version 1.5.0 Increased Level Cap to 120, Fixed Bugs Including iOS Connection Issues and Progress Reset [WATCH VIDEOS] (Click HERE)

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