'Dungeon Hunter 4' Hardcore Update: Version 1.5.0 Increased Level Cap to 120, Fixed Bugs Including iOS Connection Issues and Progress Reset [WATCH VIDEOS]

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Gameloft's "Dungeon Hunter 4" (DH4) hack and slash action-role playing video game (RPG) has just released a new Hardcore Update. It's called Version 1.5.0 and it features an increased level cap of up to 120 and an improved loot system for end-game players. Plus, major bugs have been fixed including iOS Blood Match connection issues and the Progress reset for new characters.

"Dungeon Hunter 4" players just need to pick their strong characters, restart the solo campaign in Hardcore Mode and they can play a more challenging version of the RPG game. They can also have bragging rights in Multiplayer Leaderboards because it shows other DH4 players when a certain player is in Hardcore Mode.

Of course, the enemies that will be faced in the "Dungeon Hunter 4" Hardcore Update will be difficult to beat because they will be much tougher than before. But, it will be more rewarding also because their loot drops will be bigger and will have more unique items.

The "Dungeon Hunter 4" Hardcore Update is available on iOS and can be downloaded for free. Unfortunately, it is not yet available for Android devices, but it will be soon. No word yet from Gameloft on when exactly it can be played on Android, but rest assured that the game developer will update its fans as soon as possible.

DH4's Hardcore Mode was updated on Jan. 27, 2014. It is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad and iPod touch. It is best played using the iPhone 5. The "Dungeon Hunter 4" Hardcore Update requires iOS 6.0 or newer versions. The app's size is 1.07 GB.

Like in the regular mode, "Dungeon Hunter 4" Hardcore Update players can still enjoy exploring different dungeons while hunting for hidden treasures such as gold coins, gear and weapons. With the added challenge of the Hardcore Mode, their characters can gain more experience and increase their skills as well.

Click HERE to download the "Dungeon Hunter 4" Hardcore Update Version 1.5.0 with increased level cap up to 120 and major bugs fixed including iOS connection issues and Progress reset on Apple's iTunes Web site.

Click HERE to see the "Dungeon Hunter 4" game map featuring Valenthia, The Wasteland, The Skull Pass and Kankheer.


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