Dumb Irish Terrorist Forgets to Change Time in Clock, Bomb Blows on Him

By @ibtimesau on

Thanks to the shift to daylight savings time (DST), an Irish bomber appears to have forgotten to advance by one hour the clock for the explosive device he was planting on a Volvo SUV in Dublin, Ireland, on Sunday.

Because of the apparent confusion, the bomb blew on him, although he was only injured. The Telegraph reports that the suspected bomber was seen fleeing the area with blood dripping down his face.

The circumstances led the police to suggest the bomber forgot about DST in setting the timer of the incendiary device.

The British daily quoted a police source who said, "This certainly was a high-grade explosive used in this bomb. It wasn't garbage stuff. It would appear the bomber got his timings wrong."

Supt Dave Taylor added the explosion the ensued was very extensive and a very frightening experience for nearby residents or passersby. He appealed to the public who may have picked up the injured terrorist within the New Street and Clanbrassil Street area before 11 pm to come forward and help in the investigation.

The owner of the damaged Volvo is a local businessman. The explosion also damaged the doors and windows of a house near the crime scene which was near St Patrick's Cathedral.

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