Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Will Not Hire a Nanny for the ‘Royal Baby’

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Kate Middleton and her husband William are reportedly planning to break the rules by not getting a fulltime nanny for their child.

As opposed to the tradition of getting a nanny to tend to the royal children, Kate and William are reportedly planning to take parental duties by heart. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are said to be not interested in employing a nanny for their child.

Kate and William recently announced that they are expecting their first child last week. And the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is said to be planning to look after their child by her own and with only little help from someone.

Reports say that although Kate and William will not employ a fulltime nanny, they are in consideration of a getting a part-time nanny. More like a babysitter who could watch over their child while they attend royal duties and important events.

"Catherine and William are determined to be hands-on parents. Her parents are very excited about the baby and will help out as much as possible," a source said. "They will, probably, use a part-time nanny to help them out when they have to attend events and don't have a babysitter, but they don't want a full-time nanny."

The Duke and Duchess who resides in their home in North Wales do not employ staffs in their home. Apart from a regular cleaner who visits weekly, Kate has earlier spoken about how she enjoys cooking and doing household chores.

While William grew up under the care of a nanny, Kate was brought up by her mother Carole. And although they share contrasting backgrounds, the couple seems to be determined about the way they want o raise their child.

However, a St. James Palace spokesperson denied the rumors and said that it's still too early to determine whether the royal couple would hire a fulltime help.

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