The Duchess of Cambridge: Truth About Kate Middleton’s Second Pregnancy

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For the past days, people all over the world have been swooning over the little royal that is Prince George. The little bundle of joy for the power couple Kate Middleton and Prince William has been pictured looking regal and calm, much like his majestic parents. While the press all over the world cannot get enough of Prince George, the royal couple hinted at a possible second pregnancy that could gift the world of yet another adorable and charming royal baby.

During an event in New Zealand where the royal couple went with their son to pay their respects to a war memorial, the well-wisher commissioned by the New Zealand government named Cynthia Read presented a wool shawl specifically woven for Baby George. While thanking the hospitality of the well-wishers, Prince William was quoted saying that she might "make another one soon." The comment went viral, as it hinted that the royal (and glamorous) couple might be expecting another baby after Prince George.

Kate Middleton, however, was quick to put to rest the rumors surrounding her alleged second pregnancy. During a wine tasting event at the Amisfield Vineyard the elegant Duchess of Cambridge was quoted saying , "really enjoying being able to drink again after having baby George." While wine tasting might not necessarily be detrimental to pregnant women, Kate Middleton further rubbished the rumor of her second pregnancy by making a clear cut statement during the wine tasting event that she is not expecting another royal baby with Prince William.

Unlike the rest of the royal family, Kate Middleton and Prince William keep t on the down low when expressing affection for each other. During the wine tasting event on April 13, Kate Middleton was pictured sipping from Prince William's cup of red wine, as the Duchess primarily stuck to white wine for the event.

"Kate said her husband was the wine expert and she always followed his advice, and that he was normally right," a source close to the organizing team of the event told Us Weekly.

For now, fans of the royal couple will have to bask in the cuteness of Prince George for now. 

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