Is the Duchess of Cambridge Having a Critical Pregnancy?

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It is confirmed that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her first child. The news came after Kate was admitted in the hospital after she suffered "severe morning sickness."

The Duke of Cambridge remained at his wife hospital bed side for hours. It was reported that while they stayed at Kate's family over the weekend, William needed to take Kate to the hospital after she fell ill. William and Kate were believed to be at the Middleton's house to personally announce the Duchess' pregnancy.

According to reports, the Royal couple was forced to reveal about Kate's pregnancy because of her bad health. After she arrived at the hospital, Kate was immediately put on drip because of dehydration. While some are weary and concerned about the Duchess' health during her first pregnancy, the couple assured the public that there is no health threat for the Kate and the baby.

Early in the morning, William was photographed arriving at King Edward VII hospital to visit his wife the second time. The Clarence House announced that The Duchess of Cambridge "needs rest and will stay in for several days."

On the brink of the joyful news that delighted the whole nation, the growing concern for Kate and the baby's health can't be denied. Kate's mother, Carole, is expected to drop by and visit her daughter. Pippa Middleton who also lives near the hospital is set to bring comfort to her older sister.

It was believed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were keeping the good news and plans to announce it on Christmas day. But after Kate was admitted to the hospital, the couple had no choice but to formally announce the baby news.

"The situation is the same as yesterday - we said she would stay in for several days and that is still the case. It's a period of rest that she needs, so she will stay in for several days," a spokesperson of Clarence House said in a statement.

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