Drug Addiction? Real Reason Behind Miley Cyrus Hospitalization

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Miley Cyrus singing at the 93.3 FLZ Jingle Ball in Tampa Florida
Miley Cyrus singing at the 93.3 FLZ Jingle Ball in Tampa Florida (Photo: Wikicommons/Melissa Rose)

Miley Cyrus, the "Wrecking Ball" singer, was reportedly rushed to the hospital due to a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics on April 15.

The Kansas City Sprint Center issued the cause of Cyrus' hospitalization. But it did not dish out further the details. The "We Can't Stop" singer had to cancel her concert in Kansas City due to the hospitalization.

A report by Hollywood Life claimed the real reason of the risqué singer's hospitalization was her depression and all its ensuing effects-sleep deprivation, emotional, spiritual and mental stress contributing to the physical breakdown of her physical well-being.

What is Bugging Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus' cute little pooch named Floyd met a gruesome death-the little K9 was viciously attacked by a Coyote on April 1. Being the dog lover that she is, the singer took her mourning to Twitter, saying, "This is the second worst day of my life," hours after her little pooch succumbed to death.

Despite the untimely demise of the two-year-old dog, the show still had to go on. Cyrus' grief was conspicuous in her tours. During one of her performances in Brooklyn, she broke down as she was singing "Can't be Tamed," a tribute to Floyd, her lovable dog that passed away.

"What Miley is suffering from is much more than an allergic reaction to antibiotics...She's really suffering from the death of Floyd. Floyd was her best friend. She feels like a part of her, a big part of her, has died," a close source to the singer revealed to Hollywood Life.

Fans were quite crushed to see their idol battle with depression over a lost best friend. In an attempt to console her daughter, Cyrus' mother bought a lovely dog which they named Moonie to ease the sadness of her grieving daughter.

But the singer reluctantly gave away Moonie on April 13 along with the heartfelt tweet saying that it was just "too soon" to love again.

"She hasn't been sleeping and it's caught up with her. She is exhausted, beyond exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally, and her family is concerned...She really hasn't had any time off and she would have collapsed on stage had she kept going - she needs liquids, hydration, and most importantly, sleep. The sleep deprivation has caused massive havoc on her emotional well-being," the source revealed on Hollywood Life.

At least fans are assured their idol is not flirting with illegal and illicit substances.

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