Dropbox Updates; Flipboard App with Jellybean Daydream

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Dropbox for Android released an update to make sharing of photo or collection of photos easier. The feature allows the user to create new album from any image within the Dropbox and share it throughout the Android intents system. Dropbox can now share folders or individual pictures inside to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Gmail, and more.

Opening the link sent to the recipient will direct them to the Dropbox website to view images or download them to their own Dropbox collection. The feature is bandwidth-friendly which means sharing tons of photos is not a problem. The update is available from Google Play.

For Flipboard users on smartphones, the app has got an update for Android 4.2 Jellybean to utilise the Daydream feature. The app includes accidental flipping and minor bug fixes, together with the support for Daydream feature.

The new update allows the user to create a screen saver made out of Flipboard covers. The feature is accessible to the display settings on the Jellybean 4.2 device which shows Flipboard listed under the different Daydream modes. The screen saver allows zooming and gentle panning of images provided by Photo Table Daydream from Google and uses the entries from the Cover Story category of Flipboard. The update is now available from Google Play.

Flipboard is a news and social feed with user interface in a magazine-like design. It connects the user to many categories from news, tech, and social media, including BBC, Engadget, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. The app loads the content from their respective sources and includes any other related topics and articles to it. Flipboard allows sharing of news and feeds from the app to social networking sites.

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