Driveclub: PS4 Gameplay Trailers Offer 10-Minute Preview of Tracks in Chile, India And Canada

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People has to wait for a long time for the release of PlayStation 4, the most anticipated Driveclub on Oct. 7. But there are already three new teasers rolled by  Sony and Evolution Studios to mend the raging excitement of fans for the PS4 exclusive racing game before Driveclub hit the shelves later this year.

It is not common for companies to release more than one teaser for a forthcoming game on any given week. But it looks like this is the right time for Sony and Evolution Studios to release more than 10 minutes of new Driveclub gameplay footage.

Rarely, the day began with a focus on how the cars will sound in Evolution Studios' recent racing game, but only after few hours the company again unleashed new footage of three tracks from Driveclub.

The first trailer contained a second trip to Canada through a three-minute view at an unidentified Driveclub track placed somewhere north of the U.S. border.

Next was a tour to India. The second Driveclub gameplay footage of the day left the Huayra, but stayed patriotic to its Italian supercar manufacturer for a quick race along the coast in a $500,000 Pagani Zonda R. The lap in Glenmorgan, India was exceptionally exciting, showcasing both day and night driving and a track showing both paved and unpaved segments.

Certainly not least was a short gaze of Chile. The last Driveclub gameplay teaser offered players a glimpse of what was believed the Andes Mountains using the wheel of a Maserati Gran Turismo. It was a car that could be a proof of cross-promotion between Sony's biggest racing simulators. Still, the Gran Turismo (car) has nothing to do with the video game franchise that carries its name.

If you still haven't seen the trailers of Driveclub that debuted recently, you can watch it here or you might opt to wait for Driveclub to be released in stores worldwide on Oct. 7.

Thus far, with the recently released trailers, Driveclub truly prepares something exciting for its fans when it finally hits the stores.

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