‘Driveclub’ Gets Screenshots and More Details on Microtransactions

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"Driveclub" is still looking at a little over four months of waiting before its official release date on October 7, but already, new screenshots have been making rounds to showcase just how greatly and graphically detailed the PS4 exclusive title is.

As far as the screenshots go, it's almost like looking at a photograph of a real car on pavement or the shot from the driver's seat, if any of the collated photos over at VG 24/7 are anything to go by.

The amount of detail is just unbelievable, though there's no surprise as to how it turned out, since a "Driveclub" car requires seven months to be built and is built from 260,000 polygons.

New PS4 gameplay video for "Driveclub" (via YouTube/PlayStation Access)

"We obsess over detail. As it's new PS4 IP, we started from the ground up and didn't look at it as regurgitating PS3 assets to PS4," said Neil Massam, Driveclub vehicle artist, to VG 24/7.

The details are not limited to the cars, as "Driveclub" also boasts a racing environment that is dynamic, with changing lightings based on the time, the seasons and the location--details that will pretty much make the game a true next-gen racing experience.

"Subtle and subliminal elements help sell everything. From pixel to pixel, it all makes the difference. It all adds to the sense of speed. Your eye takes it all in, you're not looking at one spot. There's so much information seeping in."

"Driveclub" and microtransactions: A Turn-off or a Go?

Microtransactions are no longer limited to iOS and Android games--the movement to console games is even more pronounced now, especially with the latest game to adapt the model, "Driveclub," announcing its intentions for a microtransaction model.

GameSpot reports that the mechanics here will allow players who are willing to pay the price to unlock cars faster than going through the works in the game.

"Progression is quick. You unlock cars rapidly. If you're part of a club you get access to those things super quick," said "Driveclub" director Paul Rustchynsky in an interview quoted by GameSpot. "The proof will be when people play 'Driveclub.' They'll see it's a non-issue when they get their hands-on and start to play the game."

This is because according to the developer, the microtransaction factor in "Driveclub" was almost hidden to avoid becoming intrusive in the gameplay itself. Perhaps by this, it means that it won't be like how you would see it in smartphone games-with the option to buy popping up every now and then to remind you of the microtransaction deal.

There is a pretty good reason behind microtransactions in general--if you don't have the time to grind through the easier routes in a game or if you're too busy with other things, paying is a way to go. But there is also a view that the richest survive in games like these. In any case, the future of "Driveclub" and its microtransactions will see a conclusion come October 7 once it launches for the PS4.

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