Driveclub Details: Free and Paid DLCs, PS Plus Version Updates and What to Expect

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Now that the PS4 exclusive title Driveclub is officially coming out on October, eyes are turned towards the add-ons and DLCs that the developers have planned in the coming months post-launch.

Speaking with VG 24/7, new game director Paul Ruschynsky stated that they are planning on releasing both free and paid post-launch DLCs.

"It's something we want to keep the Driveclub community active with, so month-on-month you'll see new cars and new tracks added to the experience, so whether you're a Blu-Ray player or PlayStation player, you'll be able to continue the experience," said Rustchynsky to VG 24/7.

As far as the PS Plus version that was previously announced before, he also stated that the plan will push through.

"We always wanted to create a PlayStation Plus edition to allow players who aren't necessarily into racing games to try out the experience and also add the numbers to our social network."

Social network here may be similar to the PS4's other exclusive game inFamous: Second Son, wherein fans are sharing their own experiences and snapshots of the game.

The PS Plus version will still include the multiplayer access in all its glory, the ability to send challenges, and create your own clubs. The only thing that would entice you to get the full version would be the content, meaning the cars and tracks.

1080p/30fps still the resolution for upcoming Driveclub

When the delay of the Driveclub was announced, people wondered if it had anything to do with raising the resolution of the game. However, with the confirmation of Driveclub's release date, details of the game have been specified to still be running on 1080p/30fps.

In an interview, Rustchynsky has stated that, despite 60fps being their main target, it was decided that 30fps/1080p still delivers the best approach for Driveclub.

"It's allowed us to create some of the biggest tracks you will ever see in a racing game, with the most visually-dense environments, as well as a full global illumination system which allows us to make time of day, where shadows are cast, full-on reflections. It's allowed us to push all those various areas," said Rustchynsky as quoted by PlayStation Lifestyle.

It seems that Driveclub may be going the same way as inFamous: Second Son, which, despite running only on 30fps, was still able to deliver a good gaming experience to fans.

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