Drew Barrymore Blamed for Half-sister's Suicide

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Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman
IN PHOTO: Actress Drew Barrymore (R) and Will Kopelman (L) attend the Museum of Modern Art's fourth annual Film Benefit in New York November 15, 2011. REUTERS/KENA BETANCUR

Drew Barrymore's half-sister, Jessica Barrymore may have committed suicide by a cruel remark Drew uttered during their childhood. Jessica was found lifeless in her car on Thursday and while the motivation for the apparent suicide is yet to confirmed, a new report is claiming Drew may have a hand at Jessica's apparent downward spiral to deep depression.

It is speculated that Jessica's self-esteem and body issues play a large part on her decision to end her life and Drew is one of the first people who made her feel bad about herself. Mail Online reports that even though Drew and Jessica only connected with each other over their father, John Barrymore's death, Drew may have a far bigger influence on Jessica than she realizes. The "50 First Dates" star made a childish comment when she was young that reportedly stuck with Jessica as she was growing up.

According to a source close to the Barrymore family, the half-sisters did not have a chummy relationship when they were young, and the relationship is non-existent when they became adults. However, a comment made by Drew regarding Jessica's weight when they were children was never forgotten by the Petco employee. This comment is now being tapped as the reason behind Jessica's troubled mind.

"The self-esteem and body issues started when Jessica was very young," the insider told the Mail Online.

"Her father John, who was very messed up himself, showed Drew a picture of Jessica and Drew said, 'How could I possibly be related to someone who is so fat?' She was just a kid but then John went and told Jessica and that hurt her dearly. John was not kind in that way."

Probably since then, Jessica's weight will yoyo throughout the years. Most recently, she dropped a lot of weight but worried people because she done it by using 812 injections and consuming as many as 20 energy drinks in a day.  Dorothy Steinbeck, Jessica's surrogate mother, shared that Jessica's weight loss worried many.

 "We were very worried because she was losing weight by drinking these energy drinks a lot to excess. This is so hard. For years and years we struggled with her and finally she got sober and then she got on those drinks and it was a freight train," shared Dorothy.

Drew yet has to comment on the new allegations implicating her name on the case. Just Jared reported that on July 30, Drew managed to release a brief statement on her half-sister's death, saying: "Although I only met her briefly, I wish her and her loved ones as much peace as possible and I'm so incredibly sorry for their loss."

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