Drama Behind 50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather Beef

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Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Jul 14, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Floyd Mayweather Jr. reacts during press conference at Times Square. Reuters

The beef between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent seemed to have cooled down for a little while but now it is back. The "In The Club" singer has been nudging and prodding the undefeated boxer on social media.

Speaking to radio station Power 106, 50 Cent revealed the real story behind his feud with Mayweather. It reportedly all began around the year 2012. It was the time when Mayweather was sentenced to serve three months in jail. Mayweather had asked for 50 Cent's assistance to manage Mayweather Promotions.

50 Cent put it together for Mayweather, but as it turned out, the rapper claimed that he has shelled out a lot of dough and never got paid. According to 50 Cent, Mayweather was living a luxurious life as soon as he got out of prison, buying expensive bling and fancy cars. 50 Cent said that the unbeaten boxer didn't bother to pay what he owed him. He added that he didn't want to press charges against Mayweather because he just got out of jail.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, said that Mayweather denied giving him the go signal to start Mayweather Promotions. The duo then exchanged nasty tweets. Eventually, the tiff died down, but 50 Cent re-ignited the beef after posting a video in response to Mayweather's statement.

Apparently, Mayweather has said in an interview with Mlive.com that hip-hop artists try to lift their charms in the general public by associating themselves with him in a controversial manner.

50 Cent didn't stop trolling Mayweather and yet posted another video of him challenging Mayweather to read the "Harry Potter" book out loud without making any mistake in reference of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He said that he would donate a quarter of million dollars to any of Mayweather's charity of choice if the boxer will give in to his challenge.

The incident was further heated up when a radio station based in New York, Power 105, talked about Mayweather's inability to read well, airing some audios of the unbeaten boxer, who appeared to be having a hard time reading off a script.

As such, Mayweather wouldn't let anyone insult him and responded with a picture that he posted on Twitter. Mayweather wouldn't let it pass without throwing his jab at 50 Cent. Now, they are at it again. He posted a picture of his huge pay checks worth $72 million.

Then again, 50 Cent replied in another video that he shared to his Instagram followers.

"I guess you want people to see your math is better than your reading, get an account Floyd, the people around you are using you, if you mad at me, call me or see me," 50 cent captioned it. He has also been posting digitally-altered pictures of the American boxer such as a fight poster between Mayweather and Harry Potter and another picture of a busy-looking Mayweather who was reading the popular children's book "The Cat in the Hat."

It seemed that neither 50 Cent nor Mayweather are willing to make a real effort to resolve their beef, at least as of this moment. The two will be on a long car ride and no one can stop their constant bickering.


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