Drake's Racy Tape with Rihanna Allegedly Exists: Rapper Sparks Speculation after Rapping about Intimate Video - Reports

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Drake has recently sang a racy verse for a song called "Recognize." 

The verse sang by Drake goes like this: "Bite on your shoulder I know that's your favorite, touching yourself to that video we made a month ago, you a freak and your cover's blown."

This has led to the speculation that Drake is talking about a sex tape he may have made with Rihanna. Drake and Rihanna allegedly dated for three months this year but broke up due to Drake's drive for his music.

Though it is not known that what video is Drake talking about, it is clear that the rapper has someone on his mind while singing the song. The rap further goes on as this: "I gotta get you those snow tires for your Mercedes. I'm glad you reminded me, baby; all of these things slip my mind it's been crazy."

This clearly seems like a relationship talk as per the reports.

In spite of this rap and the speculation, there are very less chances that RiRi would reunite with Drake as the latter left her.

"He told Rihanna from jump - he's about his music and that comes first," a source told HollywoodLife, adding, "She hated the fact he was working a lot and it may have been a bone of contention that he considered working with Chris. He and Rihanna never discussed that possibility but he made it extremely clear that his music comes first, at all costs, including their relationship."

Moreover, Drake is also collaborating with RiRi's ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and he doesn't care what RiRi has to say about it.

"He's sure Rihanna doesn't agree with him working with Chris, but at the end of the day, he's going to make his own decisions," a source close Drake told Hollywoodlife.

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