Drake's Heart Belongs to Toronto Model, Relationship with Rihanna an Epic Fail


Drake is reportedly making Rihanna jealous by hooking up with new girls. After creating waves with his hook-up with Brandy Prince and Houston-based stripper King Siren, Drake flew a Toronto based model LaLa to Los Angeles.

Drake made special arrangements to get LaLa flown from Toronto for her birthday on May 29, reported Mediatakeout. What adds more frills to this news is the photo of cake posted by the model on her Instgram account. Reportedly, Drake's chef baked the birthday cake. LaLa also posted a photo where she could be seen hanging out in Drake's tennis court.

Fans are quite shocked to see Drake hooking up with varied women and it is being speculated that he is doing all this to move on from Rihanna.

According to Hollywoodlife, Drake has been eying Rihanna since she was with Chris Brown. On many occasions, the couple has got together but has broken up for unknown reasons.

This time around it was touted that their relationship for keeps. The two reportedly started seeing each other in the month of March. Though the duo never confirmed their romance rumors, but they dropped hints by going in for PDA's and dates.

However, their relationship fell apart within a few months and according to reports Rihanna thinks that her relationship with Drake was an epic fail.

"All she wanted was the fairytale, you know, the sh*t he promised her but again, epic fail," sources HollywoodLife.com, adding, "She likes him but it's hard when a man tells his [girl] that they have to pump the breaks on the relationship."

Moreover, reports claim that after her break-up Rihanna has decided to stay off the path of romance to protect her feelings.

"Instead of putting her heart and feelings out there on the table, she will be more guarded and reserved," a close friend of Rihanna's told the Web site. "She wants to apologize right now if people see her out and she's just not in the mood."

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