Drake's Cover of Rihanna's Stay Says it All, Are They Official?

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Drake covers Rihanna's Stay last night during his concert in Belgium, positively driving his fans wild, as well as the fans of his romantic relationship with Rihanna, at least until it is made official.

The rapper covered the pop star's hit song "Stay" in front of a sold-out crowd shortly after singing his song "Too Much." Fans went even wilder when the rapper tried to sing Stay in French and German versions as well.

Drake and Rihanna has been making everyone green with envy with their dates from one beautiful European city after another. Even though the two have not confirmed anything, they cannot hide the romantic undertone of their time together.

First, they were together in a local sushi house in Amsterdam then they were seen in Belgium, and later in Paris. They must really love London because they stayed their longer than usual.

Drake is currently on a world tour, so the he and Rihanna being spotted together all the time is saying a lot.

Drake himself believes that he and Rihanna will be good for each other because they have fun and Rihanna is cool. But nothing official has been proclaimed yet, except for the fact that Drake claimed that they are just friends and Rihanna is his "dog" for life. In his latest interview, Drake referred to the Bajan beauty as "the ultimate fantasy," however, both Rihanna and Drake insisted that their relationship is strictly platonic.

Here is the video of the infamous cover:

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