Drake Risks Flirting with Skylar Diggins: Speculated to Make Rihanna Jealous

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In what seems like a move to make Rihanna jealous, Drake posted a picture of himself with WNBA star, Skylar Diggins on Instagram. In the picture it looked like as if the rapper is trying to win Diggins heart.However, after Drake posted the picture he received a lot of negative comments from his fans.

The picture led to a major backlash; so much that Drake's friend, OB O'Brien, had to post a slew of videos in Drake's defense, saying Skylar is nothing but just a talented basketball player to Drake.

For those who do not know, Diggins already has a boyfriend- Daniel Smith- and she is understood to be in a committed relationship. Reportedly, fans wanted Drake to back off.

"It's sexist and I wont stand for it. You want to be verbal bullies to my dog Champagne, when the fact is he is a fan of how she plays the game," said OB in the first video.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Drake has posted a picture with a woman on his social media account. Since breaking up with Rihanna, there have been many occasions when Drake has gone ahead and posted pictures with his various girl friends.

RiRi and Drake broke-up after three months of dating. One of Drake's good friends dropped a hint as to why the two broke-up. She suggested during the promotion of her new album "The Pink Print" that when two lovers are famous and rich, it becomes hard for them to sustain the relationship.

"I don't know about guys in the industry. I don't know about artists... I think like two artists, that's hard," repoted Hollywoodlife.

Moreover, when rumors of the couple's break-up surfaced it was said that RiRi wanted a fairytale romance and Drake did not want to commit.

"She likes him but it's hard when a man tells his bi**h that they have to pump the breaks on the relationship so he can go out there and grind," a source had told Hollywoodlife.

"It's not like Rihanna asks him to buy her anything. All she wanted was the fairytale, you know, the sh*t he promised her but again, epic fail."

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