Drake and Rihanna Drama: Drizzy Denies Accusations of Calling Rihanna a Devil, Explains Himself, Calls RiRi ‘a Great Girl’

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During his performance for OVO Fest, Drake sparked reports speculating that he called his ex-girlfriend Rihanna a devil.

However, Drizzy took time to respond to the speculations running rampant. The rapper took to Twitter to deny the accusations and explain the act.

On Aug. 6, 2014, Drake posted a Tweet that seems to be an explanation of the appearance of flamed images of a woman accompanied by the number 666 during his OVO Fest performance.

Clearing the air and shunning down the rumours, Drake told millions of his Twitter followers that he thinks Rihanna "is a great girl." Also, he informed that the number 6 is associated to the title of his new album.

The tweet he posted on the micro-blogging Web site read:

My album title is VIEWS FROM THE 6. The 6 is Toronto. Rih is a great girl who I know is about to kill this tour with Eminem. It's all love!!

- Drizzy (@Drake) August 6, 2014

E!Online reported that when Drizzy began singing the song "Days in the East," fiery images thought to be of Rihanna appeared. The image was followed by number six. The number appeared three times along with the photos in the backdrop completing the sequence 666- popularly known as number of the beast, devil or Satan. The song Drake sang is said to be "inspired" by his on and off relationship with Rihanna.

The act created a buzz among the fans and on social media network. Several media outlets speculated that the reference was made to Rihanna. E!Online stated that Drake "dissed his former fling in a major way-by implying that she's the devil."

Meanwhile, in an article Hollywood Life speculated that Drake "still has hard feelings" regarding his split with Rihanna.

However, "Hold the On We're Going Home" singer has now cleared the misunderstanding and cleared that the act had nothing to with Rihanna. Drake and Rihanna have been in an on and off relationship since 2009. In the year 2014, they were first spotted together in Feb. in Paris and split up in May, 2014.

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