Drake and Rihanna Break-up: Chris Brown Reason of Fight, Rapper Wants RiRi to Forget His Face, Reports

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It seems Rihanna and Drake are never getting back together. The recent reports suggest that Drake may never want to meet Rihanna at any point in his life.  According to Belfast Telegraph, Drake has moved on from Rihanna and holds a lot of resentment against her.

"He gave his whole heart to Rihanna and he feels she stomped on it," EnStarz quoted a source from British magazine Heat adding, "He told Rihanna's best friend, Melissa Forde, that Rihanna should forget his face, forget his number and never call or come crying when she's hurt or lonely."

This report has come as a shock to Rihanna's fans, as it was previously thought that Drake had left Rihanna due to latter's so called "needy" behavior. Furthermore, it was also said that Drake only wanted to be friends and did not want to commit.

"She's mad at him a little bit because he told her 'babe, you're too needy. Let me hustle babe. Let me work.' That really hurt her feelings because she really loves him and wants things to work out between them," a source had told to HollywoodLife as a potential reason for Drake and Rihanna's break-up.

Moreover, it is also being said Rihanna's ex-boyfriend Chris Brown made things worst for the couple . According to the Web site, Drake did not want Rihanna to meet Brown.

"Rihanna can't stand it when a man tries to control her, and that's what Drake seemed to be doing when he asked her not to speak to Chris when he left prison," Enstarz reported the source, adding, "They had a massive row. No guy has ever treated her as well as Drake has, so Rihanna is feeling a sense of loss. But she has such an ego and pride that she's incapable of saying 'sorry.'"

Drake and Rihanna sparked dating rumours March this year. Though the duo never confirmed the rumours, they were spotted going on various dates for three months till they allegedly called it quits. Since then, Drake has been linked to other women in the industry.

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