Drake Goes Incognito To Ask People’s Real Opinion Of Him

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Drake went on to the streets to find out what people really think about him. The Canadian rapper was in “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to star in the show’s Lie Witness News segment, in which he has gone incognito to ask people what they think about Drake.

Wearing a wig, beard, and wide-rimmed glasses, Drake took the persona of “Fake Drake” to ask unsuspecting people on the streets about him. He has just been announced to host the ESPYs (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award), but the people he interviewed weren’t aware that the event won’t happen until July.

Drake, who popularised the acronym YOLO, asked passersby on Hollywood Boulevard not only what they thought about Drake, but what they thought about his recent antics, which were all made up.

He asked people of Drake’s performance at the ESPYs “last night,” even adding bogus happenings, such as Drake’s refusal to acknowledge Caucasian athletes, his impersonation of Taylor Swift, and his emotional farewell during the show.

One interviewee outright called the rapper a “chicken head,” while another one called him childish.

Some people frankly said they didn’t like Drake, calling him an actor not a rapper.

On Drake’s request, a guitar and Starbucks-holding passerby also sang an improv about his hatred for Drake.

“I’m an idiot,” one man suggested Drake to tell himself.

Drake was a good sport, though, even encouraging his haters to express their sentiments. In the end, he revealed his true identity to one passerby who claimed he’s a fan of the rapper.

The ESPYs will be held in Los Angeles on July 16.

Watch the hilarious interview below:

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