Drake Disses Rihanna: Find Out what Rapper Said about 'Diamond' Singer

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Drake has come under fire by his lady love Rihanna after a hurtful remark he said to her. According to a report by Hollywood Life, the Canadian rapper might have slightly ticked off Rihanna by his insensitive remarks. The blossoming romance between the two pop singers seemed to be put on hold lately.

The source of friction between the two stems from the fact that Drake told Rihanna was getting "too needy" which later spiraled into things out of control. Being the strong woman that she is, Rihanna has created distance between herself and Drake to send the Canadian rapper a message.

"She's mad at him a little bit because he told her 'babe, you're too needy. Let me hustle babe. Let me work.' That really hurt her feelings because she really loves him and wants things to work out between them," a close source revealed to Hollywood Life.

Drake's remarks has apparently struck a sensitive chord in Rihanna. The "We Found Love" singer is yet to thaw the ice between her and Drake.

"She's being stubborn. When he told her she's too needy, she was like 'all right n***a, I'll show you needy' and [she's] been doing her own thing since - trying to make him miss her. You know, all this high school s**t," the source further revealed to the site.

Drake's remarks seem a bit unusual for the Canadian crooner who has been known to worship Rihanna. Is the "Started From the Bottom" rapper actually trying to hurt Riri's feelings?

Sources of Hollywood Life reveal that Drake has no intentions of ever hurting Rihanna's feelings.

"It wasn't like he was trying t be mean and the way he delivered the message to her was in the most respectful ay. He basically told her that he's on a serious paper cheasing mission and wants to get all of it while the getting is good," revealed the source.

Despite the rift between the two, Drake and Rihanna's relationship are still "very much intact." The two just cannot get enough of each other; Drake sends text messages to Rihanna constantly to keep the communications line open. 

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