Is Drake Better Than Chris Brown For Rihanna? Top Reasons Explained

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Drake and Rihanna may not have made their relationship official but the buzz suggests that Drake is working hard to win over the "Diamond" singer and is far ahead of Chris Brown in terms of being a lover. Here are few reasons why:

In every possible way Drake is proving to be way better then Chris Brown, as he knows how to get through RiRi's heart. Just a few months back on Valentine's Day, Drake sent a bouquet of white roses to RiRi as well as to her mother. And not only this rumors has it that Drake is even showering his lady love with special gifts. Reports suggest that he has recently gifted the Bajan singer with $38,000 diamond Cartier watch and a $7,500 love bracelet from an exclusive jeweler collection.

Drake treats RiRi's crew with utmost respect and makes sure that they remain happy when in his company.

"With Drake, he makes sure everyone in the crew is all right and chill and having a 'good time.' He even makes sure everyone is happy and has a glass of champagne in their hands," revealed a source to Hollywoodlife.

A night before Clipper's game Drake went to L.A Supper Club just to attend a party kept in honor of RiRi's best friend Melissa Forde. This gesture indeed says volumes about his love for Rihanna.

Regarding his coming for the party an insider said, "He didn't have to come to Mel's function. But he did, because he knew that would mean everything to Rihanna, and the world to Mel. He knows they're practically sisters and he would do anything for his family."

Though both Drake and Rihanna decided not to sit next to each other during the Clipper's game, the alleged couple was seen warmly hugging and kissing each other. The onlookers say that there was a rare sparkle in Drake's eye when he involved in PDA with RiRi.

Well, fans think that these seem reasons enough why RiRi should commit to Drake. Do also think on the same lines? Let us know your thoughts.  

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